Our Valuable Prizes

Starting from January 2017, be the first to win

SR 5000 for the best media shared .

SR 3000 for the most followed user .

SR 1500 for the most active user. 

About Wathiq

A digital platform, mobile application, where people can share all their daily experiences and moments with each other. Shared moments are represented in time and place on the map provided by the platform. You can simply click on and check out media shared by other users on the map, engage and follow users, and share moments on your social media accounts. Use it to document your experience…


Now maneuver with your finger on the map and enjoy Wathiq features

Follow your friends

While you share your media, others can do the same on the map. Check out their moments and ask to follow them. You can become friends and share your experiences together.

Engage with others

From the uploaded media, you can engage with other users by liking their posts, commenting on it and even sharing it on other social media accounts.

Upload Media

From your place and at your convenient time capture photos, record videos, send voice clips, or text messages then upload it on the map.


What will you benefit from wathiq?    

Explore places with our Timeline

With Wathiq, you can explore and know more about the places where others shared their media.

All on the map

View historical media in time, date and place.

Route to locations of uploaded media

Find your way to your perfered media on map by our google map direction